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KoreaBrain, one of the largest and most powerful searching firms in Korea, has been offering professional recruiting/consulting services and standards to both domestic and international labor market ever since its foundation in 2002.

KoreaBrain never stops its efforts to improve service quality, to contribute clients’ advancement, and to help candidates’ career development. Under the catch phrase “Like my company, Like my family”, KoreaBrain does its best not to lose its first intention.

KoreaBrain also combines its vision to jump up to be one of the leading firms globally. We are encountering rapid change of world economy and standard, which leads us to anticipate the world society will be an integrated society in the near future, Our goal is to be the strong player in the global HR marketplace who can also play a role of HR hub providing a platform of needed service to global clients and candidates.

In addition to recruiting consulting services, we also provide pinpoint information helping your analysis of the Korea market in the early stage of branch(local corporation) setup, and professional recruiting planning and strategy based on competitive market analysis.

If you are searching for a trustworthy consulting partner for successful launching in Korea, KoreaBrain is here for you.

Founded in Jan. 1, 2002

Company size: 30

Address: 2F,Seonin Bldg,1669-8,Seocho-dong,Seocho-gu,, Seoul, 137-881, KR


Location: Seoul, South Korea

Address: 2F,Seonin Bldg,1669-8,Seocho-dong,Seocho-gu,, Seoul, 137-881, KR

Email: None

Phone number: +025975199

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email: None

phone number: +025975199


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