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About us

As the global brand of the Recruit Group, RGF, abbreviated from Recruit Global Family, is committed to delivering total human resource solutions of superior quality so individuals and companies of all sizes realize their full potential. We provide a one-stop solution for every talent need, from C-suite and senior business leaders to staff level roles.

With three service brands, RGF International Recruitment is the leading recruitment service provider in Asia and provides a wide range of recruitment solutions across 18 cities. We deliver strong cross-border recruitment solutions at all levels and across all industries and functions.

Founded in Jan. 1, 1998

Company size: 2070

Address: 77 Robinson Road #27-01, Singapore, 068896


Location: Singapore

Address: 77 Robinson Road #27-01, Singapore, 068896

Email: None

Phone number: +6562217437

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email: None

phone number: +6562217437

Website: https://www.rgf-hr.com/

Social Media: LinkedIn Page