Bert Vermaan

Co-Founder and Partner - RecruitDee


Boasting over 13 years' experience in management and sales, with eight years specifically in recruitment, Bert is committed to helping professionals further their career and connecting RECRUITdee clients with the best talent.
Bert’s strong Thai and Asia region experience (over 10 years) gives RECRUITdee access to a deep local market knowledge, offering clients a unique combination of Asia-Pacific insight and Western expertise.

His career has seen him work with high-profile, global tech corporations such as Microsoft,, Amazon, IBM, DTC, Accenture, and Oracle across Thailand, Japan, China, Hong Kong and South East Asia.

Bringing a 360 degree understanding of corporate recruitment needs, Bert’s expertise covers account management, sales & marketing campaigns, and promotions, as well as international business development, customer satisfaction and reseller/channel management.

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