Jay Lale

Co-Founder - RecruitDee


With 20 years experience in recruitment and business management, Jay has worked at all levels in the industry, focusing on tech and IT for startups and multinationals. Right from the start of his career, he managed teams and delivered results for clients, working in the highly competitive UK technology market for international recruiters.
Jay’s specialty is helping to grow businesses through the right talent, having previously launched his own teams in new cities, expanding them from single colleagues to whole offices. A natural leader with a driven personality, he’s managed sales teams, innovated customer service, and headed-up HR, helping clients reach further through the right talent.

As a consultant, Jay’s worked directly with MDs to advise on recruitment, market conditions and the implementation of HR best practice. Keen to both recruit and develop individuals, Jay has a passion for not just finding the very best, but also developing talent and uncovering hidden potential.

In the Asia market, he’s worked with world class blue chip technology companies and fast growing SMEs in the technology sector, with a particular emphasis on Thailand, Japan and Singapore.

Contact Information

Email: jay@recruitdee.com

Phone number: +6622583880

Social Media: LinkedIn Page