John Stuart Tolmie

Managing Director (Thailand) - Monroe Consulting Thailand


An accomplished recruitment professional with some 30 years recruitment experience. I have worked through the ranks from consultant through to Manager, to Sales Director to Managing Director. I am now Managing Director for Monroe Consulting Group (Thailand).

I have always looked at the latest and most modern way of recruiting, keeping abreast of the latest developments and implementing the best. I always believed that you could achieve commercial success from creating the 'perfect company'. In my mind this was from an attention to every detail possible and creating a great place to work in which you can be proud of and for which the staff would feel a real sense of belonging. I have always kept quality to the forefront of everything I've done, innovating where possible and always trying to conduct business in an ethical and professional manner.

Specialties: recruitment, executive recruitment, I.T. Recruitment, FMCG Recruitment, Banking & Financial Recruitment, Energy Recruitment, Construction and Property Recruitment, travel Recruitment, Logistics Recruitment,

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